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Are you an innovator who wants to challenge the linear approach to growth: make, use, dispose?

Do you want to maximize creativity that leads to disruptive innovations?

Is there conflict between the demands of your work life and home?

Is your business imperative to make your company more inclusive?

Do you need to sharpen your vision or design thinking skills?

Could you manage your working relationships better to get better outcome?

Is building trust and loyalty among your employees and clients your business priority?
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  • Training and coaching in menstrual health, sleep health, cyclical energies, mindfulness, work-life balance, self-care, corporate social responsibility, integrity and accountability, design thinking, circular design.
  • Research on menstrual health, equality, diversity and employee’s well-being.
  • Policy design and implementation for making your company more inclusive, increase the work-life balance of your workforce, boost creativity and loyalty, and increase your competitive advantage.

Medulla – wild feminine cycles is our signature programme focusing on the menstrual cycle.

If you were not born with the menstrual cycle, or your company is diverse and you want to involve your whole team, chapeau! And no problem, all human beings are cyclical creatures and can ground in this awareness through other biological cycles.

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You can unleash vision, crunch milestones, achieve impossible tasks and rest more, despite the ups and downs of life. How? Through the transformative power of natural cycles and their correspondences in the outer world.

Let’s see two examples.


EXAMPLE 1 – Sharpen your Design Thinking skills

Design thinking is of the proven and repeatable problem-solving protocols that any business or profession can employ to achieve extraordinary results. It is quite useful for entrepreneurs as well as for teams.

It has four basic steps, which have been summarised below by Prof. Patti Hastings.




What if I told you that the four phases of the menstrual cycle were exactly the same? This a synthetic table summarising only the main points:


Being fully aware of the menstrual cycle, each day, gives you a first-hand understanding of the peculiar characteristics of each phase of the Design Thinking process. You embody the Design Thinking process. The menstrual cycle is not the only biological cycle mirrored by this process, however. The breath and seasons, for instance, also share the same four phases, energies and characteristics. As a result, the unique Medulla’s approach is deeply transformative, not only to people who menstruate, but to all of us.




You might be questioning the health of our organisations, social systems, and business models. With good reason: companies are currently deeply rooted in a linear approach to growth – make, use, dispose. At its core, a circular economy means that products no longer have a life cycle with a beginning, middle, and end, and therefore contributes less waste and can actually add value to their ecosystem. When materials stop getting used, they go back into a useful cycle, hence the circular economy. Imagine what would happen if everything was designed to be restorative and regenerative?

circular economy

The above paragraph comes from one of the leading management consulting services.

It is much easier to conceive and implement restorative and regenerative design if this knowledge is deeply rooted in you, and not just a theoretical approach or ideal goal. Science and theory can be transferred. Knowledge can only be experienced. First-hand experience, evidence-based first-hand experience in particular, becomes quickly and seamlessly a habit.

The menstrual cycle, as well as other biological cycles, are the blueprints humanity and nature have used to regenerate life on Earth for millions of years. The female body is a beautiful example of how integration and disintegration collaborate towards perpetual restoration and regeneration. By grounding into the menstrual cycle, you KNOW, you ARE the principles and the tools to implement the circular economy; they are enshrined in your body. It’s a revolutionary approach, and it is within your reach! You just need the science and the practice to develop full awareness, and this is what our programme Medulla – wild feminine cycles can give you.

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Medulla gives you a threefold advantage:

  1. By becoming aware of the similarities between the menstrual cycle and other cycles you may be more familiar with, you can ground more easily into your body, and heal menstrual disorders and underlying unbalances.
  2. You can use this awareness to sharpen your professional skills, because “embodying” the design thinking process, or circular business models, for example, will give you a unique competitive advantage.
  3. Once you become fully aware, deep in your body and mind, that you ARE all those energies, you will be able to summon them virtually at any time, any phase, because I will teach you how to nourish and protect them.


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Riceverai SUBITO GRATIS la GUIDA di Medulla, 30+ pagine per riconoscere i sintomi di sette squilibri ormonali, piene di consigli pratici su alimentazione, sonno e stile di vita. Inizia a prenderti cura del tuo benessere mestruale. Nella guida troverai anche un QUIZ sui sintomi e un codice SCONTO da usare se e quando vuoi. Cosa aspetti, vuoi unirti a noi?


Anna has developed a personalized coaching process based on my individual needs and has sharpened my powers of observation and my awareness.

She has the talent of translating scientific evidence in actionable advice - and she does so with accuracy, enthusiasm and a sense of humor! Above all, my coaching with Anna has given me the tools to identify and track a specific issue and to take the next step into tackling it.

Felicia G. - Berlin

As someone who has worked in the area of menstrual health from a totally different approach (international development cooperation), I was blown away at the ways in which Anna was able to shed new light and knowledge on my understanding of the menstrual cycle. Anna's workshop was not only informative, but was delivered with a clear passion and respect for the topic, anchored in research and intensive study.

Since the workshop, I have taken her teachings with me and am applying them to how I understand not only my cycle, but the other cycles around me, making me feel more empowered and educated about my body and the world around me THAN EVER!

Danielle Keiser - Founder of Menstrual Health Hub

Un vecchio professore dell'università ci diceva sempre di diffidare da chi non sa spiegare, perché significa che non sa. Anna sa.

Da subito ho riscontrato benefici significativi: la sensazione è quella dell'arrampicata, quando sei in altissimo, ma sicuro e ancorato. Domino meglio i miei stati d'animo, mi lascio guidare anziché subire.

Guendalina M. - Ferrara

Il corso di Medulla è ricco di materiali e prospettive, spalanca moltissime porte sui cicli della vita, mestruale e non, e lo fa con il calore di “una di noi". Abbiamo discusso molte teorie e idee, ma abbiamo avuto anche degli input molto pratici e da mettere subito in atto nella nostra vita quotidiana, per diventare partecipatrici attive ai nostri equilibri. Medulla mi ha aiutato a capire che le nostre polarità non sono fatte di opposti divergenti, ma di elementi complementari che si susseguono, come in una danza.

Marta P. - Berlin

Anna is a great person who has a positive energy to share. She is a very good teacher about females cycle and body/mind awareness. The workshop runs smoothly and lightly and the information is extremely relevant if you really want to know how your body communicates to you, which is an amazing journey to discover. I highly recommend Medulla workshop either to women and men, to initiate sharing empathy among the two sexes!

Erika B. – Berlin

I enjoyed very much taking part to one of Medulla workshops, and I absolutely highly recommend them. Topics are all very interesting and I truly appreciate the way Anna delivered them in an accurate, concise and deep way and a gentle, ironic touch. Looking forward to the next one!

Chiara T. - Berlin

Anna is well informed with relatable and thoroughly researched materials. She is doing great work to connect the dots between what we currently know and what more our female bodies can teach us about overall health. Thank you Medulla for making this knowledge accessible for others!

Jeana B. - Berlin

I attended Anna’s two-day workshop on menstrual cycle literacy. Speaking from her vast experience and research, Anna has an emphatic approach of teaching, which creates an amazing atmosphere of knowledge sharing.

Darina K. - Berlin

Era ora che si cominciasse a parlare di ciclo, inteso non solo in senso strettamente mestruale, ma in un senso più ampio che coinvolge tutti gli aspetti della nostra esistenza. Anna ci spiega con grande chiarezza ed esaustività che la nostra vita – di tutti noi esseri viventi – è regolata da cicli che si ripetono: dal respiro al sonno, dalle stagioni alla luna, tutto quanto è scandito da cicli.

Se diventiamo consapevoli del nostro ciclo, del nostro ritmo, possiamo danzare insieme a lui, orientarci nel nostro agire e farci ispirare.
Grazie alla saggia guida di Anna, sempre supportata da evidenze scientifiche e arricchita da curiosità e connessioni inaspettate, otteniamo le chiavi d’accesso al nostro universo interiore.

Anna ci fornisce numerosi strumenti che possiamo integrare nella nostra quotidianità per imparare a riconoscere i segnali che il nostro ciclo ci manda. E che non sono mai causa di eventuali malesseri, quanto piuttosto indicatori della nostra situazione a livello di salute sia fisica che emotiva. Se impariamo a monitorare il nostro ciclo, ci accorgeremo che segue dei pattern, che potremo andare a modificare per migliorare la qualità della nostra vita.

Emma F. - Ferrara

Taking part in a workshop with Medulla has been very rewarding. Not only have I received tools for tracking my body's behaviour, myths have also been squashed and I now feel like my view is clear for a more mindful approach in understanding my cycle(s). I feel restarted, refreshed and most importantly - inspired. Hope to return for another workshop. Thank you Anna!

Valerie Natascha D. - Berlin

Questo corso mi ha aperto un mondo! Mi sembra di essere stata sempre chiusa in stanza carica di odio nei confronti del ciclo, ora Anna ha spalancato la porta di questa stanza e finalmente sento aria fresca.

Marcella B. - Ferrara

Anna ha esposto in modo molto chiaro ciò che avviene nel corpo in ogni fase del ciclo e gli equilibri ormonali che ne governano l'andamento. Ho trovato estremamente interessante e stimolante la parte dell'interpretazione dei "diari di bordo" che invita alla lettura dei messaggi che invia il corpo attraverso i sintomi. Interessantissima la parte sulla sindrome premestruale e la grande confusione che regna sull'argomento.

Ho trovato il laboratorio di Ciclo Integrato una grande risorsa per le donne che desiderano riprendere o cominciare un dialogo con il proprio corpo nella sua interezza. È un momento di reale condivisione, raro di questi tempi, offerto alle donne per confrontarsi e dialogare con serenità, sincerità e profondità.

Chiara B. - Ferrara

L'esposizione di Anna è chiara, coinvolgnte, bellissima, calda, materna, professionale.

Grazie al laboratorio di Ciclo Integrato ho riscontrato maggiore consapevolezza, autoascolto e gioia nel guardarmi.

Benedetta D. - Venezia