My Creed

I know that the current representation of the world is not the only possible truth, it can and should be challenged. I will never stop learning and connecting the dots in insightful ways. I know that science can be transferred, but knowledge and wisdom can only be experienced. Mens sana in corpore sano, in healthy ecosystems. The sleep of reason produces monsters, so does a sleep-deprived reason. I will be open and receptive even when it is uncomfortable. Cyclical energies inform and guide me. I am not an island, collaboration, compassion and resilience are essential to me. It not all about me, it about interconnections. Difference and variety are to be treasured. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is to let go and just trust, instead of pushing. Rhythm implies duality, but duality is just an illusion created by our inquisitive mind: everything is one and nothing.


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