At Medulla we are passionate about the wisdom of natural cycles for creative women and resilient ecosystems.

We yearn to enable men and women to challenge the current representation of the world. We challenge the status quo by researching and educating on the menstrual cycle and cycle literacy, which is the understanding of all natural cycles (think of breathing, circadian rythm, seasons, design thinking), and body literacy, which is how cycles manifest through our mind and body. The approach is based on science and physiology but it is holistic in scope.

Our aim is to teach you how to use our cyclical nature in order to build and maintain physical, mental and emotional health and fertility, a sophisticated and robust alarm and defence system against illness, negative patterns and dead ends and a compass, or metronome to dance in tune with the ups and downs of life.

Medulla: from Latin, the innermost part of things. What is hidden. In the brain, it regulates breathing and the heart beat. In the bones, it creates red and white cells.  In the ovaries, it allows blood and nutrients to nourish the eggs. In the kidneys, it sustains the pyramids where blood purification takes place.

“Now it is time to know more in order to fear less”. Marie Curie

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Le informazioni qui riportate sono da intendersi a carattere esclusivamente informativo e non sostituiscono mai il parere terapeutico o la diagnosi medica.

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