Menstrual education is so important and yet completely missing from mainstream education.

The menstrual cycle is a vital sign, it is not supposed to be painful, and yet, the vast majority of us report pain and absenteeism.

84 per cent of women report menstrual pain and nearly 40 per cent absenteeism from work

We are not born with period problems. The majority of menstrual disorders are the result of poorly informed life-style choices. Medication and the pill are sometimes not answers at all, and tend to mask root problems.

Menstrual education great fun too. These are some of the tools we use at workshops and one-on-one sessions (our accountant is already having fun with my expenses!).

Getting familiar with your cervical mucus

I am not a big fan of beauty products. But! Old lotions can become quite handy when exercising with cervical mucus texture and colour. We are thankful to the many friends who contributed to this collection of old creams and glues.

Did you know? The more elastic, transparent and stretchy the mucus, the nearer ovulation is.

Getting familiar with your cervix

The idea came from a Sensiplan colleague of ours, Yan Zahng from China: you buy a vagina from the sex shop and build the cervix yourself with some cotton and a condom! Easy-peasy.

Cervix texture, opening and position in the vagina change according to our level of estrogen. If you have problems with mucus observation, or if you have a family history of cervical cancer, this exercise is particularly good for you.

The different positions of the cervix during the menstrual cycle: at menstruation the cervix is low and if you insert a (clean!) finger you will notice it is low, hard and open. At ovulation is rises up and if you insert a finger you will notice is high, soft and open (you can measure its position with your phalanges).

Getting familiar with your uterus

The tip came from my colleague Mairéad, from England, who found an affordable anatomic model of the uterus. Ok, it is not super polished, but on the other hand, it does not cost $1000 and it does the job.

foto 1_medulla

Anatomical reproduction of the healthy uterus. Please note that proportions are not correct. The opening of the cervix into the vagina is actually much much smaller.